These are sites I designed or write for or host or just like and want you to like also.
(This particular section of my website is NOT part of my portfolio/resume; it's just a page of links. I seldom look at or update this page, so there's a good chance that any given link may be obsolete or incorrect. In many cases, I have nothing whatsoever to do with the linked sites, they are just sites I like.)

Oddball Comics
I do all the backstage stuff for this. Cartoonist Scott Shaw! writes the articles.

Monkey Spit!
Yeah, it's a cobwebsite. I haven't updated in years. But I have some plans for it....

A non-profit organization that helps artists avoid getting ripped off, and assists them when they do. I'm a co-founder.

Comic Book Resources
The best comic book news and information site on the interwebs, bar none.

Harp and Thistle
The place to buy CDs from legendary Irish-traditional band Train to Sligo.

Be a God!
Why settle for being ordained online when you can (for a nominal fee) be declared the god or goddess of whatever strikes your fancy?

Part of the Urban Prankster Network. We create scenes in public places and make people's day just a little more surreal.

What Were They Thinking?
My friend Morts has a mutant ability to find bizarre pages and panels in old comics, and he shares them with the world.

@LA - the guide to Greater Los Angeles and Southern California
A very handy directory to stuff in LA.