About Jim MacQ Graphics

I have been a graphic artist since 1978. In that time, my work has appeared on embroidered patches and screenprinted t-shirts, coffee mugs and buses, in newspapers and magazines, in comic books and on numerous websites. I have sculpted and drawn, worked on computers and in photography. I've produced designs and illustrations for projects ranging from thimbles to billboards, for industries as diverse as public transportation, telecommunications, computer network support, direct marketing, education, child care, construction,consumer products, electronics, musical instrument and home entertainment packaging, a few theatre companies and two symphony orchestras.

Because I am equally skilled in desktop and traditional (non-computer) illustration and production, I can provide you with the following services:

Keep your clients, associates and prospects informed and in contact. A sharp, concise newsletter will act as a visual ambassador for your company.

Logos and Letterheads
Your stationery is frequently the first contact with your company. A clean, professional logo is vital for that crucial first impression.

When your business requires a quick and inexpensive brochure, to promote a last-minute event or reach a select group, I can help. "Quick" doesn't have to look rushed, and can be inexpensive without looking cheap.

Whether you need a Powerpoint slideshow, graphs, old-fashioned overhead transparencies, or even flip charts, I can make your presentation clear and easily understood, without overwhelming you with unnecessary graphic excess.

Small businesses are usually at the mercy of ad space reps. I can help! Just because your ad is 1/8 of a page or a single web banner doesn't mean you have to take what they give you. Creative, distinct advertising that attracts is possible on a budget.

Your project may require a cartoon, a diagram, a photo or a painting. I can work in pen & ink, pencil, marker, airbrush, several computer illustration programs or other media in a variety of styles to enhance your message.

Web and New Media
"I have a computer; can I do my own website?"
I have a scalpel. Can I take out your appendix?

Of course you can create your own website. HTML coding isn't that hard, and there are dozens of WYSIWYG editors that will do the coding for you. But if you want a professional-looking site that's carefully thought out, one that's clear and inviting, you need a professional. Many people will claim to be able to meet your design needs, by virtue of the system and software they own, but they can't necessarily do the job, because a computer can't design, and owning a graphics program doesn't make you a designer, any more than owning a scalpel makes you a doctor. Just as the surgical skill is in the doctor's hand and not in the scalpel, it is the graphic designer, not the equipment, that determines the quality of your project.

My Resume
If you're eager to put me to work, please contact me at jim@jimmacq.com.